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Goliath’s Straight Razor

Goliath’s Razor features a 4 ˝ inch feather-patterned Damascus blade.  The quarter hollow-ground 8/8 blade is secured to the copper scorpion tail by three 14K gold pins.  The blade spine features 24K gold inlay from the scorpion’s tail to tye Spanish point.  The scales are made from a Texas whitetail antler which has been carved and textured to compliment the blade and the overall them.  The scales are separated by a carved musk ox horn spacer.  The crown of the antler features a gargoyle-like carving with opal eyes, 14K gold teeth, and a feather-patterned Damascus spacer.  The blade is heat treated to a Rockwell of 62.  I call this Goliath’s razor because of the overall large size.  I would like to thank Larry Fuegen for inspiration and encouragement on this project.  Goliath’s Razor is sole authorship and is accompanied by a display stand.

Francesco Pachi Photography

Classic Straight Razor

I started making straight razors about 2013.  Making useable quality straight razors presents some very different challenges than making a knife.  This razor features a 3-inch Damascus blade forged from 01 and L6 tool steels.  The razor is six-eighths and quarter hollow ground with a Rockwell hardness range of 62-63 and features 24K gold inlay.  The scales are India stag with a 14Kgold escutcheon inlaid on the name side.  Sole authorship.

Francesco Pachi Photography

Touch of Gold Straight Razor

This is something every man should upscale damascus straight razor.  This one is 6/8 and quarter hollow ground.  It features an 18K gold escutcheon, a tapered sterling silver wedge secured by and 18K gold pin, presentation grade mammoth scales, and 24K gold-plated pivot screws.  The 3 1/8 inches blade forged from L6 and 01 features 24K gold inlay down its spine.  This razor is sole authorship and shave ready

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