Field Grade Knives

El Diablo Fighter
The 9 inch carbon steel blade is forged from 1084 steel.  The fittings are fashioned from 416 stainless steel and the handle is India stag.

Patterned after knives called "Bowie Hunters" in the 1870's, this knife is very light and quick in the hand.  It is nice enough to be considered an investment grade knife, but was built to be used.  The 7-inch blade can be forged from 1084 or 01 steel. It is shown with an India stag handle and nickel silver fittings and escutcheon plate. 

Old Southwest Bowie
This knife is nice enough to be considered an investment quality knife and rugged enough to be used. The knife features a 10-inch blade forged from 1084 steel. The guard, ferrule, and pins are made from German silver. The handle is fashioned from India stag. The leather sheath is made by Kenny Rowe of Hope, Arkansas.  

Pear Flat Special
This model has a 4" semi-skinner blade available in carbon steel or Damascus. The piece is shown with stainless steel fittings and an India stag handle. A very functional design. McKee Scan

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