Dress Bowies

California Bowie
The Gold Rush period makers Michael Price and Will & Fink inspired this knife.  The six inch blade features a ladder pattern forged from 1075 and and 15N20 steels.  The guard and ferrule are also embellished with a ladder pattern.  The handle is carved from mammoth ivory and features 18-karat gold pins.  The scabbard is made from nickel silver.  PointSeven Studios Photo

Manassas Bowie
Ladder-patterned Damascus forged from 1075 & 15N20 is featured on both the blade and fittings.  The handle is walrus ivory.  Steve Woods Photo

Upscale Huckleberry Bowie
This knife is inspired by a Joseph Rodgers design from the turn of the twentieth century.  The 5 inch blade is forged from 1084 steel.  Steve Dunn's engraving is featured on the bolsters made from 416 stainless steel.  The mammoth ivory handle has 18-karat gold pins.  PointSeven Studios Photo

Upscale Camacho Bowie
The 9-inch blade is forged from 15N20 and 1075 steel in a ladder pattern.  The fittings also feature a Damascus steel.  The mammoth ivory handle is accented with 18-karat gold pins and escutcheon.  PointSeven Studios Photo

Old Southwest Bowie
This upscale bowie features a ladder patterned Damascus blade forged from 1075 and 15N20 steels.  The ivory handle features 18-karat gold pins. SharpByCoop.com

Old Southwest Bowie
This is another version of the Old Southwest Bowie.  The blades and fittings are the same--a 10-inch blade forged from 1084 steel.  This particular knife has nickel silver guard, ferrule, and pins.  The handle is checkered ebony. This is a very nice knife that could be part of a collection or carried in the field.  PointSeven Studios Photo

Old Southwest Bowie
The 10 inch blade on this knife is in a ladder pattern forged from 1075 and 15N20.  It has ladder patterned Damascus fittings and an India stag handle. Steve Woods Photo

The Fredericksburg
This D-guard Bowie has a 10 inch carbon steel blade forged from 01 steel.  It is pictured with niter blued fittings and a walrus ivory handle.  The engraving and filigree is by Terry Theis of Harper, Texas.

This knife is very light and quick in the hand. The 7-inch blade can be forged from 1084 or 01 steel. It is shown with an India stag handle and nickel silver fittings and escutcheon plate.

Old Southwest Bowie
This knife is nice enough to be considered an investment quality knife and rugged enough to be used. The knife features a 10-inch blade forged from 1084 steel. The guard, ferrule, and pins are made from German silver. The handle is fashioned from India stag. The leather sheath is made by Kenny Rowe of Hope, Arkansas.

The Huckleberry
This style knife was originally made in 1900 by Joseph Rogers. The knife features a 5 inch blade, nickel silver bolsters and pins, and a checkered ebony handle. This knife is only available in carbon steel. This would be an excellent choice for field use or in camp, but also nice enough to be an any upscale collection.  Box Photo

I consider this Bowie an all-around knife and very sought after in today's Bowie market. As shown, the knife features a 5 inch random patterned Damascus blade made from 1095 and 01 steels. The India stag handle is of mortis tang construction. Filework is featured on the nickel silver fittings. This knife is available in carbon or Damascus steels with blade lengths up to 10 inches.
Box Photo

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